Drift af Gedser Forsøgsmølle
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Operation of Gedser Wind Turbine.
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Video of Gedser Wind Turbine when She decades ago was in Action - Click on image-link
Thanks to Kristian H. Nielsen, we are able to present this unique video of the Gedser Wind Turbine in action. Kristian H. Nielsen, who is an associate Professor and Head of the Centre for Science Studies at Aarhus Universitet, posted the video in 2010 as he published a journal article comparing the technological development of the Gedser mill and the Smith-Putnam wind turbine. You can request a copy of his article: Technological Trajectories in the Making: Two Case Studies from the Contemporary History of Wind Power from him through


Gedser Ginkgo Soundgarden
- a tribute to the original location of the famous Gedser Wind Turbine.
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Children of Gedser Wind Turbine
Painting by Ingrid Marie Kristensen. Exhibition: Korsagervej 14, DK 4874 Gedser.

Gedser Ginkgo Shelter
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Gedser Ginkgo Museum
- Portraits of Wind Energy Pioneers. Click on image-link

The web site of Gedser Ginkgo Hair & Skin Repair, Soap & Polish is temporarily closed. Since 2016, local volunteers have tested a specific ginkgo product that we expect to market in 2021. /

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